Environmental policy

Danfo AB develop, produces and market public conveniences including facility management. Apart from cities and city areas, our products are installed and used in rest and leisure areas.

Our never-ending work with environmental issues will lead to continuous improvements of our products and services within this field. The work is characterized by an overall view, i.e. a combination of what is technically possible, economically reasonable and environmentally motivated in a life cycle perspective.

The environmental policy for Danfo AB includes to:
• continuously develop our products and services to minimize negative influence on environment and health
• endeavor constant improvements and decrease the emergence of pollutions
• work actively on decreasing the consumption of energy and other natural resources
• work methodically with environment issues to secure the fulfilment of applicable environmental legislation
• educate and make all personnel aware of environmental issues to establish and maintain participation and engagement in our environmental work
• inform our customers about our ongoing environmental work

Environmental policy version 1.0

Certifikat ISO 14001:2015