Nordic Classic Toilet cabin with exterior cladding

The Nordic Classic is delivered with a built-in waste tank, or can be delivered for connections to the main water and sewage system. Versatile in design it can be it can be installed in almost any surrounding as its walls are insulated for year-round use. The Nordic Classic can easily be transported and relocated to provide hygiene facilities even in remote locations. Public transport stops, golf courses, ski resorts, beaches and camping sites, sports facilities, marinas, open-air recreation areas, hiking routes, parks and parking lots are some example where the Nordic Classic is suitable.

Nordic Classic cabin with a 500 litre waste tank

Danfo Classic bus stop Västerås
With the floor and toilet seat cast in a single piece of reinforced fibre glass composite, this model is very durable and easy to clean. The toilet is connected to a 500 litre integrated waste tank and there is also a wash basin with a separate 25 litre water supply.

L / W / H
1490 / 1250 / 3000 mm
(height excl. roof 2650 mm)
430 kg
Appr. 1600 visitors / 500 litres

Nordic Classic WC cabin for connection to the mains water and sewerage

Danfo Classic WC toalettkabin
Furnished with a ceramic WC and a sturdy plastic wash basin, this model needs connection to mains water supply and sewerage.

L / W / H
1420 / 1250 / 2700 mm
(height excl. roof 2350 mm)
410 kg

Nordic Classic Accessible WC cabin

HWC-kabin Classic
This model contains a single, larger cubicle for disabled visitors. Furnished with a ceramic WC, drop down grab rails, a sturdy wash basin, two coat hooks, an extra mirror, a waste bin and a baby change table. This model requires connection to the mains water supply and sewer system.

L / W / H
2450 / 2360 / 2550 mm
650 kg
Download Product sheet: Mobile Toilet Cabin Nordic Classic

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