SaniRent – the Peace of Mind Service Package

SaniRent requires no investment up front. The entire package, from new facilities to day-to-day cleaning, is included for a single monthly fee.

SaniRent is Danfo’s complete package for operation and maintenance of public toilets, which is based on our great experience and extensive knowledge of public toilets.

Provision and maintenance of public toilets is an important undertaking and the accessibility and cleanliness of toilets greatly influence the overall impression of a place or destination. Despite restrained budgets, everyone wants to be able to offer good public toilets. The solution is SaniRent.

SaniRent combines a specially developed programme for award-winning cleaning and maintenance of toilet installations, delivering uninterrupted operation and service. The package can also include brand new installations or a refurbishment with Danfo’s Modulet concept.

SaniRent does not require initial capital investments; the entire package from new facilities to daily cleaning is covered by a monthly fee. Just like our toilet installations, SaniRent can be adapted to your requirements and needs. This means that everyone can offer better public toilets and enjoy the added benefits of improved accessibility, environment, and public health and safety.

Danfo’s cleaning and maintenance staff undergo compulsory Danfo certified training to achieve our high standard before they can start working in the field.

Sanirent – Danfo Facility Management
With SaniRent, Danfo takes on all the trouble and expense, giving you a cost-effective total solution for high-quality public conveniences and maintenance.
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