Danfo Toilets Transformed Into Galleries and Kiosk

Danfo Frome fundraiser

Utilising Spare Space in Toilets – how a derelict building can be turned into a Community Artspace and Kiosk.

A community group in Frome Town Council, the fourth largest town in Somerset, came up with an excellent innovative use for a derelict toilet building. The building has been transformed into a food kiosk selling local food and four ‘micro-galleries’ for local artists or businesses to hire.

Danfo Frome Old Toilet Conversion Sketch

The building, still in perfect condition due to Danfo’s high quality standard, was transformed from a row of five toilets to gallery rooms which are rented out on a monthly basis. A food kiosk also supplies free local shopping guides – a service recently cut by the District Council. Contact us for more information on how you can utilise spare space in a toilet building – whether it is an abandoned building or one still in use.

Frome spare Danfo toilet conversion in process