Mit der Stadt Blackpool, einer der grössten Touristenattraktionen in England mit 10 Mill. Besucher jedes Jahr, haben wir eine langjährige Zusammenarbeit mit einem Gesamtkonzept, das im Laufe der Zeit viele Auszeichnungen gewonnen hat.

“The benefits for us of having a maintenance and service contractor for public toilets is that we have got a fixed price so we know exactly what we are going to pay for, and yet the quality is right up there”
Paul Taylor, Blackpool Council, UK

See Blackpool Council’s Paul Taylor talk about his experience of working with Danfo:

“Very good company, easy to work with and always fair and reasonable” – Blackpool Council

“We have regular meetings and regular updates we’re working together very closely. I have six services to manage and Danfo is by far the easiest to manage. They are very good.” – Blackpool Council 2012

Together, we have moved from being the council with the worst public toilets to being in the British Toilet Association’s Premier League.
Graham Sharrock, Blackpool council

Danfo Blackpool Council