Comfortable and attractive in naturally beautiful Oslo

Several parks and recreation areas in the City of Oslo have recently been upgraded by the addition of modern public toilet buildings. The combination of untouched countryside and civilised public conveniences suits Oslo residents to a T.

Oslo is more than just a major city. It contains a great deal of lovely countryside inside city limits. Its parks and recreation areas attract thousands of visitors annually to exercise, hike and spend time together.

In the past two years, Danfo has been entrusted to supply toilet buildings to several of these areas, including Sognsvann Lake in Nordmarka, Hovedøya Island just off Aker Brygge, Håøya Island in Inner Oslo Fjord and Østmarka.

These installations bring a radical improvement of standards. At many of the sites, only an outdoor privy was available previously, causing many to opt for the forest instead.

Now the sites are equipped with the most modern WCs, which are cleaned frequently and meet both comfort and hygiene requirements. The buildings are designed to fit their environments. At Sognsvann Lake, for example, the facade is painted in earth tones and the green roof is home to a particular type of growing plants.

“We have received very positive feedback from both the City of Oslo and their visitors since we installed these facilities,” says Vidar Edvardsen, Danfo’s Norway Manager.

The positive response is reflected in the statistics – in the first nine months of 2017, for example, there were 75,700 visits to the Sognsvann facility.

“All of these areas are heavily used, and the toilet buildings thus represent a major improvement,” says Vidar Edvardsen.

As 2018 approaches, two more buildings are in the works for Oslo, also in recreation areas outside the city centre. Vidar Edvardsen is looking at the possibility of providing conveniences for playgrounds and skate parks in the more central areas of the city in the future.

“A well chosen, well maintained public toilet building makes any outdoor meeting place more attractive,” he says.