Focusing on the Environment

Environmental considerations play an important part in all Danfo’s activities. Everything that we do, from product development, manufacturing and beyond, is done in accordance with our environmental policy.

This means:

    • continuously develop our products and services to minimize negative influence on environment and health
    • endeavor constant improvements and decrease the emergence of pollutions
    • work actively on decreasing the consumption of energy and other natural resources
    • work methodically with environment issues to secure the fulfilment of applicable environmental legislation
    • educate and make all personnel aware of environmental issues to establish and maintain participation and engagement in our environmental work
    • inform our customers about our ongoing environmental work

Within the framework of our environmental policy we also work with specific, tangible goals. The targets are nominated by our staff and evaluated on an annual basis. Together, we have brought about recycling of the company’s waste and a decrease in the use of photocopying paper, as well as lowered the company’s energy consumption by 20% – joint efforts to be proud of!

In addition to this, Danfo is a certified eco management company. This means that our environmental principles are recognised by ISO 14001.

Focusing on the environment with large and smaller efforts from the Danfo Group and our employees will help to bring about a greener future!

ISO 14001 and Environmental policy
ISO 45001 and Working environment policy
ISO 9001 and Quality policy

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