Over 40 Years of Sanitation

Danfo was founded in 1969. Its genesis was a new technique for encapsulating waste matter developed by Nitro Nobel, the company founded by Alfred Nobel. There were possibilities for new applications for the invention; this led to the birth of Pacto, the “packaging closet”.

Pacto is an alternative toilet whose function is as simple as it is unique; the waste is encapsulated in durable foil after use. Since this obviates the need for water and electricity, the toilet quickly became a popular solution to the problem of sanitation in more primitive conditions.

Thousands of Pacto toilets all across the world have been sold over the years, to be used in disaster areas, in military operations and even during the Hajj, the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca. Our very first product remains a best seller.

1970s – product development

As demands grew for better toilets at building sites and other places of work Danfo was one of the Swedish companies that heeded the calls.

We developed a mobile toilet cabin with higher standards of comfort and hygiene. Easily transportable, fully insulated, sturdy and reliable: Danfo’s toilet cabins also quickly grew to be very popular.

Today, our toilet cabins are available in several different sizes and with various fittings, for connection to utilities or with integrated waste tanks. They are no longer used solely on work sites, but also on industrial estates, in recreational areas and at events, such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Bahrain.

1980s – public conveniences

The evolution of toilets at work places eventually gave birth to calls for a better standard of public conveniences in general. At Danfo we saw that there was a need for detached buildings offering better facilities, and where visitors would feel safe and comfortable.

Initially our toilet installations were mainly placed in roadside rest areas; in fact, the majority of toilets along the Swedish roads today were made by Danfo.

However, the number of public conveniences we have delivered to urban locations has risen steadily since the City of Stockholm initiated their long-lasting co-operation with Danfo at the beginning of the 1980s. The result of our joint efforts thus far can be found when visiting the Swedish capital, which boasts more than 70 of Danfo’s characteristic Paragon toilet.

Our most important philosophy when it comes to public conveniences can be summed up in the word “flexibility”. Customising each installation to fit the environment where it will be placed means cities can receive a unique product; as a result, several major cities, have chosen to profile themselves with distinctive public conveniences.

1990s – progress

Danfo went through a period of great progress and growth in the 1990s.

With the concept of customised public conveniences Danfo gained ground outside of Sweden and this led to the foundation of subsidiaries abroad. Several hundred installations have been delivered outside of Sweden, many in co-operation with our subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Denmark and Norway. Danfo was announced the Winner of Industrial Export by Swedish Trade Council in their Achievement Awards 1999.

While Danfo was growing as a company we also kept moving forward technologically. In 1997 our fully automatic public toilet, MAPT, was introduced on the market. With a rotating floor and a self-cleaning toilet room the MAPT is still the most advanced public convenience on the market.

The market leader

Today, Danfo is the world’s leading manufacturer of sanitation solutions for a public environment. We have delivered installations to all five continents. And offering the widest range of products on the market means we have a solution for everybody.

But it does not follow that we are ready to rest on our laurels.

We want to keep growing, both as a company and when it comes to developing new solutions. With a new subsidiary in the United Arab Emirates we can reach a whole new market; at the same time we keep working at finding the sanitation solutions for the future.

Over forty years’ experience gives a good footing for moving forward.

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