Mikael Magnusson, Danfo and Pia Arvidsson, Hyrtoaletten

Hyrtoaletten acquired by Danfo

Danfo AB is acquiring Hyrtoaletten AB, which will establish a new division within Danfo. Hyrtoaletten and its operations are a promising expansion of Danfo’s current customer offering, since the two businesses are highly complementary.

The companies are already well acquainted, and have served partially overlapping customer segments. Danfo handles operation and maintenance of public toilets for millions of visitors annually, and Hyrtoaletten is already a Danfo partner.

“It’s a great move for the company as a whole,” says Danfo International CEO Mikael Magnusson. “Our product offering becomes even broader, and we will be able to provide for a wider range of customer needs in line with market demand.”

Hyrtoaletten’s former owner Pia Arvidsson will stay on at the helm of Hyrtoaletten, and all current staff will be retained in the deal.

“We are looking forward to being part of Danfo,” says Hyrtoaletten CEO Pia Arvidsson. “I am certain that the combined forces of Danfo and Hyrtoaletten will be very positive for the staff, customers and suppliers of both companies.”

Danfo AB manufactures custom public toilets and provides related services for the operation and maintenance of public toilets. The company was founded in 1969 in Nora, Sweden, where its main office and production facilities are still located.

Hyrtoaletten imports, sells and leases toilets and environmental equipment and provides maintenance and other services for the toilets and operations related to them. Hyrtoaletten was founded in 1993 in Gothenburg. Today there are 25 Hyrtoaletten agents, including two in Norway and one on Åland.

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