SaniRent – A comprehensive concept for for retaining toilet use

It’s true that location and design are important, but a frequently used toilet requires also regular maintenance and daily care in order to retain its popularity with users.

The reputation of a town or other visitor attraction is influenced to a high degree by the availability and cleanliness of its public toilets. Danfo has therefore developed SaniRent, a comprehensive concept for the operation and continuous care of public toilets. “We see each individual toilet as a property for which the daily cleaning and refilling of consumables is required. It also means that our personnel visit each installation regularly, and they can report if anything is broken and needs immediate attention,” explains Jan Dolk, responsible for SaniRent at Danfo.

Throughout Sweden
The concept was established in Stockholm at the start of the 1980s, principally to take care of and maintain Danfo’s toilet buildings in the capital. There was a considerable demand for the concept, and this led to its development to become what today is SaniRent. This combines a specially drawn up programme for the cleaning and care of toilet buildings with continuous operation and service. “Our service department has around 20 employees and is still located in Stockholm, where we currently have responsibility for 156 compartments distributed among 73 facilities. We are also represented at a further 34 locations throughout Sweden, from Kalix in the north to Trelleborg in the south. We are responsible for 574 compartments in 135 facilities throughout the country, either through our own personnel or through subcontractors,” informs Jan Dolk.

Adapted to requirements
The comprehensive concept SaniRent is included in the leasing agreement that covers Danfo toilets. Customers who purchase toilets from Danfo – or from other suppliers – can also enter into an agreement
to obtain the SaniRent service. Jan Dolk emphasises that the concept is adapted to the special conditions and requirements of each customer.
“We can also arrange for the toilets to be renovated and refurbished, or we can build new facilities that are suitable for the relevant location and customer needs.”

Modern toilet facilities contain considerable technology, and the SaniRent concept ensures that it is always experts who take care of the operation, care, repair and maintenance.

“We have been commissioned by the Traffic Administration in some cases to make two visits every day to maintain a high level of availability for the toilets and make sure that everything is working properly.” Danfo has namely started a security project, in collaboration with the Traffic Administration in Stockholm.
“We install street lighting at toilets that are located in inconspicuous places, and in this way enable visitors to feel more secure,” says Jan Dolk.

Paragon is one of Danfo’s most popular toilet models and a distinctive feature of Stockholm, Sweden.

Paragon Berzeli Park Foto: Mediapartner, Mats Åsman

Paragon Berzeli Park
Photo: Mediapartner, Mats Åsman

Paragon Mynttorget Foto: Mediapartner, Mats Åsman

Paragon Mynttorget
Photo: Mediapartner, Mats Åsman

Paragon Norrmälarstrand Foto: Mediapartner, Mats Åsman

Paragon Norrmälarstrand
Photo: Mediapartner, Mats Åsman

Paragon Norr Mälarstrand Foto: Mediapartner, Mats Åsman

Paragon Norr Mälarstrand
Photo: Mediapartner, Mats Åsman