Royal loo at historic palace

In a historic setting, the planning demands placed on the exteriors of new buildings are extra tough. In the lovely park at Gamlehaugen, the Norwegian royal family’s residence in Bergen, Danfo’s custom-designed facility fits in perfectly.

The heart of Gamlehaugen is an understatedly elegant palace, built in the early 20th century. It is the Norwegian royal family’s official residence in the Bergen region.

Surrounding Gamlehaugen is a pretty English park. It and the adjacent bathing beach are open to the public, and are popular recreational areas.

Danfo has been commissioned to provide a toilet house for this unique site. To fit into the beautiful surroundings, we are taking a Tetragon 110 and adding a sedum roof and a net around the walls, where climbing plants will flourish in the future. The building was designed in cooperation with Statsbygg, which owns the area, and the royal court.

In 2016, Norway’s King and Queen celebrated the 25th anniversary of their ascension to the throne. As part of the celebration, they were inviting the public to a garden party featuring local artists during the year. By then, the specially designed house was in place, serving the citizens.