Swedish quality in exotic places

High-tech design, a rotating floor and fully automated functions. Danfo’s MAPT is the most advanced product on the market today. It’s making its presence felt in the Middle East.

The abbreviation MAPT stands for Multi Automatic Public Toilet, and the product has been described as “a new generation of public toilets”. It combines the latest technology with user-friendly functions and minimal maintenance requirements.

“It’s a very high-quality building, and we are the only company offering anything like it,” says Danfo CEO Mikael Magnusson.

The flush mechanism is automatic, the washbasins are sensor-controlled, and the whole interior is cleaned after every use. The building’s most distinctive feature is its patented rotating floor. Since the floor is “changed” after every use, paper and other waste that ends up on the floor disappears. And very little water is required by the cleaning process.

“In other automatic toilets, the floor is simply sprayed off,” says Magnusson. “It’s a worse solution, since any rubbish is still there, and now it’s soaked.”

There has been much interest in MAPT in the Middle East, and especially in the United Arab Emirates, where Danfo is the only supplier of public toilets with its own offices in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Five buildings were recently delivered to Al Ain, a city in Abu Dhabi. The company is also in the process of installing and opening a large number of buildings already sold in the region previously.

“In this region, high tech and hygiene are the most important selling points,” says Magnusson. “It’s also a major advantage that the buildings are relatively small – they fit easily in strategic places where space is limited.”

Mikael Magnusson sees the Middle East as an important future market for MAPT, though not the only one. Scandinavia’s first MAPT was recently delivered to Sogndal, Norway. The city cited several reasons for choosing the product. The area is frequently visited by international cruise tourists, and children and staff from a neighbouring preschool spend time there, too. A very hygienic building with low maintenance requirements was thus an attractive solution. Mikael Magnusson is seeing more and more people discovering the advantages of MAPT.

“The product is unique, and given that we have also managed to achieve a good price point, I believe it’s going to be attractive to many,” he says.