Ready for a full day at the park

Playgrounds are popular meeting places for children and their parents. And with a toilet nearby, visitors can stay all day.

Relaxing at a playground is an easy way for families with children to socialise. When spring comes and the sun starts climbing higher, town and city parks quickly fill up with children and adults alike.

But in order to stay out for very long with little ones, there has to be a toilet and a place to change nappies nearby. More and more municipalities are discovering the advantages of improving playgrounds and parks by adding a public toilet. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Recently Danfo has delivered several smaller service buildings to Swedish municipalities, specifically for use at playgrounds.

In Eksjö, for example, people had been asking for a public toilet near the city centre for several years. When the city’s popular playground was rebuilt and made handicap-accessible, they also added a Tetragon 100, Danfo’s smallest offering.

“Initially we were considering one of Danfo’s larger buildings, but when we couldn’t find room in the budget for that, we started looking at cheaper alternatives,” says Lucia Botero Hoyos, an architect employed by the Municipality of Eksjö. “We chose a basic model. For a small extra charge, we had the door painted orange, chose wooden panelling for the facade and added a green roof. It was a budget-friendly way of creating a beautiful building that fit into the setting. We told them what we wanted and Danfo did the rest.”

Thanks to a clever placement between the playground and the town’s boules park, and close proximity to Eksjö centre, the building serves a large number of small, large and elderly visitors. “The toilet is much used and much appreciated by residents,” says Lucia Botero Hoyos.