Improved reliability and longer useful life for the toilets

Spread out along the major highways of Sweden are some 350 rest areas managed on behalf of the Swedish Transport Administration. All are equipped with public toilets. In many locations, Danfo both provides the toilets and handles inspection and service.

“They know their facilities inside and out”
Improved reliability and longer useful life for the toilets. These are the biggest benefits of Danfo services, according to Claes Wennerqvist of the Swedish Transport Administration in Östergötland County.

Along the E4 highway in Östergötland, rest areas are both numerous and popular. As a project manager for operations and maintenance at the Swedish Transport Administration, Claes Wennerqvist is in charge of four of them, from Vida Vättern in the southwest to Östgötaporten, Svartån and Albacken in the northeast.

Danfo provides both service and maintenance. The facilities are more heavily used during the summer months.

“We want visitors to encounter have a good user experience with a clean, well-functioning building, says Claes Wennerqvist. “Danfo’s people work only with these types of facility, so they know them inside and out. It’s good for our peace of mind.”

Danfo’s efforts are based on maintenance checks carried out periodically. They check what needs to be replaced, improved and repaired, and what repairs might have to be carried out ongoing. The results are presented in a report that informs Claes Wennerqvist know what’s happening.

“I am convinced that the checks extend the useful life of the facilities and reduce the amount of time they are out of service,” he says. “It’s always smart to take a preventive approach.”

At rest areas along the E4 highway in Uppland County, Danfo carries out status checks twice annually. The checks reduce the need for emergency service, says Anders Jordeby, a project manager for the Swedish Transport Administration in the region.

Service checks of the four facilities in Anders Jordeby’s operating area are carried out twice annually, once in the spring, before the summer busy period begins, and once in the autumn once the season is winding down. Danfo also provides service and repairs as needed.

“Danfo are rest area experts, and they know their own buildings,” says Anders Jordeby. “I’m not sure what we would do if we couldn’t use their services, though I suppose we’d manage somehow.”

The four facilities he is in charge of stretch from Mora Stenar, just south of Uppsala, up to Arvidsbo near Tierp in the north.

“We consider well-functioning services for travellers on our roads essential,” he says. “We need to avoid interruptions of service at our facilities as much as possible, and Danfo enables us to do just that.”

Roadside rest area Albacken

Roadside rest area Östgötaporten

Roadside rest area Östgötaporten

Roadside rest area Mora Stenar