Drottninghög Helsingborg

More and more municipalities are discovering the advantages of improving playgrounds and parks by adding a public toilet.

This beautiful Tetragon, clad with a combination of steel and wood in grey shades, are placed in a playground in a part of Helsingborg city called Drottninghög.

The toilet buildings that Danfo has delivered in Helsingborg are designed and built not only to cope with hard use but also to resist any attempts at vandalisation, in that many functions are encapsulated and thus difficult to destroy. This contributes to a more attractive appearance both inside and outside, which in turn gives a higher visitor frequency and a greater appreciation from those who use the toilets.

Helsingborg has also a contract with Danfo for operation and maintenance, in order to further increase the availability and cleanliness of the toilets.

Danfo Tetragon 110 Drottninghög

Danfo Tetragon 110 Drottninghög

Danfo Tetragon 110 Drottninghög, air pump

Danfo Tetragon 110 Drottninghög, Royal door signs