Swedish Transport Administration

Danfo has delivered more than 300 public toilet buildings so far to the Swedish Transport Administration for use along the roads.

The design of exterior cladding, roof and colour can be adapted to the local environment, thus making the building very flexible and harmonious with the location.

The building may vary in size and equipment depending on the client´s requirements and can be equipped with a waste tank where no fresh water and sewage connections are available.

All toilets are built with separate toilet rooms for increased safety and reduced risk for misuse. All vital components are out of reach for the public, but very easy to access for authorized service personnel via the service room.

Tetragon 110L Roadside rest area Holsljunga

Frösvi Rastplats

Frösvi Roadside rest area

Rastplats Högsjön

Roadside rest area Högsjön

Rastplats Långsjön

Roadside rest area Långsjön

Rastplats Mora Stenar

Roadside rest area Mora Stenar