Toilet Trailer 4 – with a wheeled chassis and 4 cubicles

Danfo Toalettvagn TV4
Mounted on a wheel chassis, this model offers four separate cubicles with reinforced fibre glass composite interior. The toilets are connected to an integrated waste tank. The cubicles do not contain wash basins.

L / W / H
4500 / 2150 / 2890 mm
1300 kg
Appr. 2,000 visitors / 700 litres

Toilet Trailer 1 – tank cabin mounted on chassis

Danfo Toalettvagn TV1
The interior is the same as in Tank cabin T-500, mounted on chassis for ease of transportation.

L / W / H
3000 / 1630 / 2900 mm
400 kg
Appr. 1,600 visitors / 500 litres
Download Product sheet: Mobile Toilet Cabins

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