Refurbishing Public Toilets

Danfo offer brand new public conveniences without any changes to the existing infrastructure. We specialise in renovating older public toilets and refurbishing existing spaces of any kind, converting them into hygienic, modern facilities. Danfo’s public toilets are built with separate toilet rooms for increased safety and reduced risk for vandalism. We are always happy to renovate older installations and this automatically includes an upgrade of the facility to Danfo standard.


Using our specially developed Modulet-system, Danfo can transform existing buildings into high-quality public conveniences. Modulet is a module system of fully fitted walls, cut to shape and fitted to the space in question.

Modulet offers an opportunity to upgrade an old building to a contemporary, durable and hygienic facility without interfering with the surroundings. A solution that can meet any need, Modulet is especially popular in the UK, allowing architectural heritage to be combined with modern city planning.

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