Maternitainer project in Dar’a – Syria

Danfo Pacto maternitainer
Recently Syria Needs Assessment Report (SNAP, 2014) stated that in the governorate of Dar’a, as well as in other regions of Syria, pregnant women are the most vulnerable and the most conflict-affected group. Cordaid, Bijzondere Noden and Hospitainer in cooperation with Mother Agnes of the Monastery of Sint James the Mutilated and the Ministry of Health decided time has come to bring relief to pregnant women. A Maternitainer will therefore be send to Dar’a city – a district which face significant shortages of medical care facilities due to the bombing of the Dar’a and Jasem hospital.

The Maternitainer is a quick to install flexible and mobile delivery unit build in a 20 Ft shipping container, which can rapidly be deployed because it is based on a truck. It offers a safe and clean place for women to give birth in the presence of a skilled birth attendant. In addition, the Maternitainer is stocked with all the medicines needed to treat women who have been sexually abused. With the Pacto toilet, which is used due to its high levels of hygiene, contamination risks and disease spread are minimised.