Responsive collaboration that benefits all

He praises the innovative solutions that Danfo offers, and the ease of collaboration. During the past 10 years this has resulted in nearly a dozen toilet buildings in Helsingborg.

For just over 10 years, engineer Björn Lindholm at the operations and maintenance section of the Department of Town Planning in Helsingborg has been responsible for the public toilets in the city. He has had a productive collaboration with Danfo during this period.

“I’m very satisfied with our long collaboration and the open dialogue we have had concerning the development of toilets in Helsingborg. Danfo is very responsive to our wishes and has some excellent ideas about the design and fitting of toilets such that they function in the best possible way in various surroundings,” he points out.

Durable design
The toilet buildings that Danfo has delivered in Helsingborg are located not only in central urban areas but also in neighbouring areas used for rambling and at bathing beaches. Björn Lindholm emphasises that the toilets are well adapted to the surroundings, no matter where they are located.
“Furthermore, they’ve been designed and built not only to cope with hard use but also to resist any attempts at vandalisation, in that many functions are encapsulated and thus difficult to destroy. This contributes to a more attractive appearance both inside and outside, which in turn gives a higher visitor frequency and a greater appreciation from those who use the toilets.”

Helsingborg has also a contract with Danfo for operation and maintenance, in order to further increase the availability and cleanliness of the toilets.
“Danfo takes care of everything to do with the toilets, and this is an important part of our easy collaboration: it makes things easy for us. The good experiences we have had in this regard have led to Danfo being awarded the contract to renovate several of our older public toilets, bringing them up to a modern standard according to their concept.”

Positive development
Björn Lindholm is retiring in association with the opening of a new toilet building in the Vikingsberg Park, suitable for use by people with disabilities, and responsibility for Helsingborg’s public toilets passes to his successor.
He expects that the collaboration with Danfo will continue to be easy and productive, and that it will increase the availability of the public toilets in Helsingborg, making a visit to them even more pleasant and problem-free.

“No matter whether it is a case of purchase or lease of new toilets, Danfo has been extremely service-minded and has ensured that their solutions benefit all parties. New projects are under way, and I hope that the collaboration will continue and develop in the same positive spirit as in the past,” he adds.

Tetragon 110, Vikingbergsparken Helsingborg

Tetragon 110, Vikingbergsparken Helsingborg
Photo: Mediapartner, Anders Kämpe

Tetragon 101, Pålsjö Skog Helsingborg Foto: Mediapartner, Anders Kämpe

Tetragon 101, Pålsjö Skog Helsingborg
Photo: Mediapartner, Anders Kämpe