Total peace of mind with SaniRent

In order to fully embrace public toilets, people have to perceive them as hygienic, functional and safe to use. With SaniRent, Danfo takes total responsibility for your facility.

The accessibility and cleanliness of public toilets has a major effect on public perception of a city or destination. It also has a direct effect on how much the facilities are used. Taking good care of public toilets is thus an important job in a range of ways.

Most customers who invest in Danfo toilet facilities also discover the value of letting someone else handle cleaning, maintenance and repairs to the buildings. With the popular complete solution SaniRent, customers can rest secure that Danfo will take complete responsibility for their facilities. The manufacturer deals with everything from day-to-day operations to service and repairs, both inside and out.

“In short, we deal with essentially anything that happens at the facility,” says Danfo CEO Mikael Magnusson.

“A kind of insurance policy”
Between one and five times daily, Danfo checks the facility, cleaning, replacing consumables and dealing with anything that needs fixing. How often we check in depends on the customer’s wishes and the needs of the particular facility.

All cleaning and maintenance staff for Danfo buildings are trained and certified by Danfo, and thus have the specialised skills needed to provide the best possible service for the facilities.

“Many of our customers feel that SaniRent serves as a kind of insurance policy,” says Mikael Magnusson. “It gives them peace of mind knowing that their facilities are well cared for.”

Regular, high-quality service and maintenance is also a way of extending the useful life of toilets. SaniRent often ends up being a good deal for customers economically, too.

SaniRent, service Paragon Royal Palace
Photographer: MediaPartner

SaniRent, cleaning Tantolunden
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SaniRent, service Djurgården
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SaniRent requires no investment up front. The entire package, from new facilities to day-to-day cleaning, is included for a single monthly fee.

SaniRent – what is included
– Inspection 1–5 times daily
– Cleaning
– Refill of consumables
– Ongoing operations
– Ongoing maintenance
– Service
– Repairs
– Repairs of vandalism