Danfo’s Pacto Toilet on Antarctic Expedition

Danfo’s waterless Pacto toilet participated in a record breaking expedition to the Antarctic called The Coldest Journey. The aim was to become the first people in history to cross the Antarctic in Winter. The Pacto was a home away from home toilet for the five man strong crew who faced temperatures as low as -90 degrees Celsius.

The extreme temperature conditions on a journey like this are a challenge for any crew and for the machinery and tools, demanding high-quality products with special adaptations.

The project was fronted by Sir Ranulph Fiennes. The Ice Team, led by Traverse Manager Brian Newham, attempted to cross Antarctica in support of the charity Seeing is Believing and the team also collected data for research about global warming.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes had to be evacuated due to frostbite and the expedition aborted the mission after 300 km following severe weather – but they still managed to break a historic world record!

Due to the strict rules regarding disposal of waste on the Antarctic continent, along with the knowledge that we need a simple yet reliable system for the Coldest Journey, we chose the Danfo Pacto toilet for the traverse. This is an extremely essential piece of kit which will be required to work in temperatures as low as -50°C.
The Ice Team
Sir R Fiennes for the Coldest Journey

Sir R Fiennes for the Coldest Journey