Wanto Mini – Large-capacity dry toilet

Danfo Wanto Mini
The Wanto Mini gives you access to hygienic, user-friendly sanitation – even where there is no running water available. Featuring separate, integrated tanks for fresh and waste water, it offers a comfortable toilet solution anywhere. Wanto Mini is ideally suited for industrial use, in mines or by road crews. The Wanto Mini flushes like a normal WC, but uses minimal water. As a result, the toilet can be used many times before the tank containing water for the flushing mechanism needs to be replenished, making it an economical, low-maintenance solution. A manually operated sluice plate at the base of the toilet bowl separates it from the waste tank except during flushing. This shields the user from any unpleasant sights or smells when in its closed position.

D / W / H
700 / 700 / 600 mm
25 kg
Waste tank 140 litres, fresh water tank 40 litres
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