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Så skapar vi en tryggare stad – Danfo bjuder in till workshop Hur går det att arbeta mot skadegörelse och narkotikaförsäljning - och öka tryggheten för medborgarna i det offentliga rummet? Det är en av frågorna som kommer att diskuteras under en workshop i Nora den 19 november. Bakom initiativet står Danfo, som tillverkar offentliga toaletter, i samarbete med Örebro universitet och den nationella plattformen Mötesplats Social Innovation. Runt 40 personer från cirka 18 olika aktörer som universitet, personal på kommunens samhällsbyggnadsavdelning, byggbolag, ... Read more

Bisnode silver

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Newsletter Danfo 2-2018

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Hyrtoaletten acquired by Danfo

Hyrtoaletten acquired by Danfo Danfo AB is acquiring Hyrtoaletten AB, which will establish a new division within Danfo. Hyrtoaletten and its operations are a promising expansion of Danfo’s current customer offering, since the two businesses are highly complementary. The companies are already well acquainted, and have served partially overlapping customer segments. Danfo handles operation and maintenance of public toilets for millions of visitors annually, and Hyrtoaletten is already a Danfo partner. “It’s a great move for the company as a whole,” ... Read more

Newsletter Danfo 1-2018

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Newsletter Danfo 1-2017

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Newsletter Danfo 1 2016

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Newsletter Danfo 1-2015

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Solar-powered Toilet House

Environmentally friendly public toilet Designed to be compact and convenient, the Toilet House provides hygienic, user-friendly facilities without the higher costs of a city installation. They are used with great benefit on beaches and camping sites, in nature reserves or smaller town centres. The design of exterior cladding, roof and colour can be adapted to the local environment, thus making the building very flexible and harmonious with the location. The building may vary in size and equipment depending on the ... Read more

Pacto in mobile medical clinic for women

Maternitainer project in Dar’a – Syria Recently Syria Needs Assessment Report (SNAP, 2014) stated that in the governorate of Dar’a, as well as in other regions of Syria, pregnant women are the most vulnerable and the most conflict-affected group. Cordaid, Bijzondere Noden and Hospitainer in cooperation with Mother Agnes of the Monastery of Sint James the Mutilated and the Ministry of Health decided time has come to bring relief to pregnant women. A Maternitainer will therefore be send to Dar’a city – ... Read more
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