Better operational life using Danfo services

Proper care extends the useful life of your public toilet, saving you money in the long term. At Danfo, we offer a range of maintenance options and services.

Just as your car needs to be serviced, inspected and kept tuned-up, it’s important for toilet buildings to be maintained and serviced regularly. Danfo provides a range of services that are popular with customers.

“I believe many customers feel more comfortable if the manufacturer, who knows the product inside and out, is servicing if after purchase ” says Tomas Pinni, salesperson at Danfo.

As a Danfo customer, you receive ongoing support for the product you purchased. The manufacturer supplies all spare parts for the facilities and carries out any all the necessary repairs. Many customers like to choose Danfo to manage all their servicing and maintenance.

“In order to ensure good operational efficiency, certain item such as filters, need to be replaced regularly,” says Tomas Pinni. “If you don’t keep up with it, it may end up costing you more in the long run.”

For the same reason, many also opt to have Maintenance checks. Danfo regularly inspects your facility, checking on its condition and reports about the need for repairs and maintenance. These inspections could result in a maintenance plan, which ensures that components are replaced and repairs carried out before any potential failure of equipment.

“The more technology and electronics that are used, the more important it is to the have the right expertise for service and repairs,” says Tomas Pinni. “Here, too, I’d compare it to modern car serving – you can’t simply open the bonnet and see what needs to be fixed anymore.”

Aftermarket services

Maintenance checks: Regular inspections to check the building’s condition and functionality.

Service Contract: Regular maintenance of the building to an established service regime.

SaniRent: Danfo takes complete responsibility, handling everything from cleaning to repairs. For more info on this service, see the following page.

Cleaning according to the SaniRent concept

Service and maintenance

Inspection of air pump

Refill of toilet paper