The Social Function Of Public Toilets

Public toilets serve an important function in society. They are necessary to enable all citizens to move freely through the public space, regardless of their sex, age, disability, illness or membership in an at-risk group.

In conjunction with the spread of the new coronavirus (Covid-19), public toilets are serving an increasingly important function. Public toilets enable personal hygiene in the public space for all citizens, and especially for members of socially marginalised groups who might not otherwise have access to personal hygiene facilities.

The Danfo solution
Danfo has been impacting the social sphere for 50 years, cleaning public toilets where there is a risk of transmitting disease between people every day. Danfo’s cleaning procedures were developed specifically to minimise risk, both to our employees and to toilet users. The right combination of protective gear, cleaning tools and sustainable chemicals ensures cleanliness down to the level of viruses and bacteria.

Every day, Danfo cleans hundreds of toilets in Sweden, Norway, the UK and elsewhere.

Actions to prevent disease transmission
Due to the increased risk of Covid-19 transmission, Danfo introduced expanded cleaning procedures several weeks ago, including ensuring that all surfaces which could be vectors of transmission between people, such as handles, lock mechanisms and buttons, are cleaned thoroughly with disinfectant.

To minimise the risk of disease transmission via public toilets, Danfo recommends all municipalities to increase the cleaning frequency of their toilets to at least twice daily. Danfo is fully equipped with both the organisation and the materials to provide this expanded service in every municipality in Sweden.

Social responsibility
Danfo is concerned with protecting the well-being of all citizens in public spaces, but especially of at-risk individuals who do not have access to personal hygiene facilities of their own. Public toilets that are open and cleaned so that they are free of bacteria and viruses help reduce the harmful and unnecessary spread of disease.

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