Working Environment Policy

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Working Environment Policy

Job satisfaction and good health are the foundations of a stimulating working environment. Danfo AB strives to be an efficient, competitive company where the staff can thrive and grow.

Danfo shall therefore be a highly attractive workplace with a good working environment, where employees participate actively and feel secure. The working environment policy at Danfo AB extends to our entire operation and the total work situation of employees. This includes physical, organisational and social aspects, meaning that Danfo AB works actively to minimise the risk of on-the-job injuries, accidents and incidents at our workplaces.

The objective is an injury-free operation, in which dangers and risks to health associated with work are noticed and corrected effectively.

Danfo AB engages in activities that promote the health, job satisfaction and efficiency of employees by:
• Preventing accidents, repetitive strain injuries and other work-related conditions with the aid of good equipment and work aids.
• Creating good feeling and community within the company.
• Committing to personal development and skills improvement.
• Regularly carrying out job safety reviews and risk analyses and dealing with any problems that are discovered.
• Holding regular scheduled working environment meetings involving management and worker health and safety representatives.
• Taking into account everyone’s views on Danfo’s working environment and operations.

Danfo AB complies with all applicable laws and regulations governing the working environment.

Danfo AB has zero tolerance for abusive and unequal treatment.

Danfo AB works actively through consultation and cooperation with employees and employee representatives to constantly improve our operational systems with respect to the working environment.

Working Environment Policy version 1.0