Key element of a growing city

As a city grows, its need for public conveniences grows, too. Gothenburg is using Danfo public toilets to both beautify the city and improve its public transport system.

Gothenburg is currently in one its most important phases of development ever. In less than 20 years, it is making room for 150,000 new Gothenburgers – 80,000 residences and equally many workplaces have to be built.

This in turn creates a need for more pleasant, safe, comfortable public spaces. According to Jakob Andreasson, head of the City of Gothenburg Parks and Landscape Administration, placement of public toilets is an important element of the development plan. There are currently 12 Danfo public toilet facilities in the city, with another to be installed shortly and several more possibly on the way in.

“We’re currently talking about between 10 and 20 possible future sites,” says Andreasson. “How many we end up installing is a question of budget and priorities.”
In general, central sites with many people passing through are the top priority, especially large public transport hubs. Providing access to public toilets in such places is a service to passengers, which in turn will tend to increase use of public transport.

Jakob Andreasson appreciates both the broad range of choices Danfo products offer and the opportunity to leave operation of the facilities entirely up to the supplier.

“Danfo is the company that best meets our requirements for design, operations and function. With Danfo as our supplier, we can pack a lot of facilities into a small space, which is extremely valuable to us.”

To ensure that the toilets are instantly recognisable, all are the same model, Tetragon, but in a couple of different sizes depending on capacity and space requirements. The exteriors harmonise with the colour schemes the City of Gothenburg uses for its public spaces.

“Our priority is for the toilets to fit the setting and give a clean, neat impression,” says Jakob Andreasson. “This is why we chose not to place either art or advertising on them.”